Forgive me for my delayed response. Last night I had the pleasure of viewing Black Swan. WOW. Just. WOW. 

In the world of film there are award caliber movies and then there a films that demolish audiences perceptions of what a film can be. Black Swan accomplished just that the other night. This was film making running on all cylinders. A veritable symphony of excellent filmmaking with Darren Aronofsky standing as the conductor of what will surely go down as the number one film of 2010, and I would be surprised if any film will be able to remove it from the top spot of the next decade (2010-2019).  I was left breathless for the last thirty minutes and sat in awe of what may have been the best film I have ever seen in a theater. 

I say all of these remarks full aware of the shroud that films tend to pull over my eyes following a fresh viewing, but sometimes you simply know. If you have not seen this film yet, GO! Go now and take your friends with you.